Alt Coin Mining Information: BitCentavo

This coin was created to better the lives of Latin Americas.  I really love coins with purpose.  I found this coin on iSpace.  This is a zero pre-mine coin.  The algorithm used is SHA-256D.  This coin is a gem.  It halves in every 500,000 blocks.  The currency block 159,828.  That’s many blocks before it’s block reward drops from 10,000 to 5,000.  It’s not traded on any exchanges yet, but keep an eye on for this one.


This is the official purpose from the coin’s homepage.

We hope that people from Latin America will get involved with CryptoCurrencies in general. BitCentavo is a great place to start learning about all the great benefits that CryptoCurrencies have to offer. Help us to take BitCentavo down to Latin America so that they can have better lives thanks to the awesome power of CryptoCurrencies.

Here some more information about the coin.

  1. Additional BitCentavo Info
  2. BitCentavo Faucet
  3. Announcement
  4. Hashtag BitCentavo

Note: On iSpace I see the pool is operating around 500 GH/s.  It’s winning 13% of the time.  If your mining rate is 1 or 2 GH/s you can still earn a nice amount of coins.  Something to keep in mind if you if your strategy is to mine full coins.

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