Blogging builds your personal information repository

made the point in a blog article I recently read.  I totally agree.  Just a few days ago my debug certificate expired and my post about it resolved the issue in seconds.  I still would have found the information on Google but it would taken longer.  Here was Bostjan complete thought on the matter:

This is another reason why I decided to blog. Every day we are bombarded with tons of information we try to consume. Every one of us has his/her own way of looking for particular information. Blogging, however, helps archive information you will sooner or later need again. I regularly browse my blog and in this way remind myself of issues, solutions, and ideas I might have already forgotten, but are still useful. Sometimes it’s fun and a bit of an ego boost (we all need it from time to time) to check how far you’ve come.
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Being your own filter for the waves of information we receive every day.  Now that’s working smarter and not harder.

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