Did I ever tell you about a project called PingCheck?

Its a bit of a long title.  However, I probably never mentioned it.  Why?  I have been working on if for a while.  It has always been a side project.  In the end I learned a lot and had a great deal of fun in the process.

What is PingCheck?  Its a very simple ping page checker.  What’s a ping page?  It’s a page to monitor if a site or resource is available on the Internet.  With this tool you point to said page and voila, you get feedback.  Currently feedback is very simple.  It displays the total response time and HTTP response code.

Why I am so excited about this app?

  1. Its a mobile app available for Android.  An Apple iOS version is already planned.
  2. I open sourced the code
  3. Its a free application on GooglePlay (and always will be)

With this project I accomplished a few goals.  To create a free application that you can crack open the source and see how it works.

Additional Resource

You can install directly from your Android device.  Just get to GooglePlay and search for PingCheck.  Click install and have at it!

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