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I have been a member of the Digg community since 2006.  I was never a part of a Digg mob. I know some of the top users were using Digg to make a lot of money in the past by promoting stories to the front page.  That didn’t really interest me.  So I didn’t follow many people and people didn’t follow me back.

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I only recently started receiving followers.  I started to Digg again in September of last year.  Since then I have over 100 followers.  Most are trully passive pickups.  Below are some of tips that help me pickup more followers with minimal effort.

Make Strategic Comments

I have noticed if I reply to a comment with a lot of Diggs and add value people I can pickup a few followers.  I am pretty sure it has to do with recognizing you aren’t out to spam links and have something to say.

Digg Daily

When you Digg a story, your name can show up on the story summary page.  The section is called, “Users Who Dugg This.”  Exposure is key to passive followers.

Get a Profile Picture

I don’t have definitive proof about this.  I can only go by my thoughts.  I am less likely to follow someone back without a profile picture.  Most spammers will not take the time to properly setup an account.

Be Active

The first two points touched on this.  Being a part of the community by reading articles and voting will get you more followers.  For me its wasn’t any fancy techniques.  To get more followers on Digg is very simple… just Digg.

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