How Not To Mow Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is normally a routine exercise that most people do without giving much thought.  A mower is a powerful tools that should be treated with respect.  If you don’t bad things will happen, trust me.  Check out a recent conversation between Ty and I on the topic.  We have very different ideas when it comes to mowing.

My Favorite Quote During This Session: “A lawnmower has a spinning blade of death!”

So Who Was Right, Eliot or Ty?

I found the following answer on

Be careful on hills. Steep slopes are always dangerous because a mower can flip over or go out of control. Plant a ground cover other than turf in these areas. On gentle slopes, mow across the slope, not up and down. Use a walk-behind mower.

And The Winner Is… Eliot!

Yes, I was right this time.  I have been wrong in the past, and will be in the future.  Keep watching, I’m sure it will happen soon.

I loved It.  I Want More!

This video is part of the web series, “Driving With Ty.”  More episodes are available here.  The series captures our random conversations we have driving from point A to B.


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