LearnStreet has the goods

LearnStreet is a programming for the masses platform.  A few weeks ago LearnStreet launch and I checked out their Ruby course.  It took a few days to complete the course, but I walked away happy.  The content was solid and easy to pick up.  I found using LearnStreet was a lot easier than my previous efforts.  Scouring the internet for tutorials and searching YouTube for videos works but wasn’t as fast as LearnStreet.

TechCrunch had the to say about LearnStreet and other platforms like it:

By bringing computer science education online and making it affordable, [companies like LearnStreet] have begun to democratize technical knowledge, exposing a new, global audience to programming along the way.

Later in the article TechCrunch pointed out the idea that programming now is cool.  I’m a non-conformist.  Programming was cool to me over two decades ago.  It nice to have my thoughts reinforcement decades later.  If you always wanted to learn to program but never got around to it, I would suggest you check out LearnStreet.  The content is extremely easy to pick up.  Also, there is a live help feature available in the course if you get stuck.

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