We are not that far away from another Call of Duty release.  This time we will get Black Ops 2.  Personally, I’m looking forward to it.  However, I remember the nightmare I experienced when I popped in MW3 for the first time.  The lobby and game connections were… wonky.  To Infinity Ward’s credit it has gotten better since the release.  My most vivid memory of the release is that I kept experiencing death by FMG.  The machine pistols were ridiculous.  I guess they still are, but a more balanced now.  Oh yeah, then there was lag compensation.  I wrote a couple of pieces about topic that are here and here.


My K/D ratio was at .6 after the first few days of play.  I’m now at 1.2, but it took me a long time to recover.  I came across a video that put the akimbo FMG9 usage in perspective.  At around 1:10 into the clip shows the mind set of most people I played against.  I am paraphrasing XxEcKoxSoldierxX here, "I kept dying to this setup so I used it.""  When in Rome, start using Akimbo FMG9s?  It was effective and you can’t knock people for using it.

Hopefully the BLOP2 release will not be as bumpy as MW3.  Well, I’m staying positive and keeping my fingers crossed.  How did the release go for you?

Update (10/30): A had a chat with a friend today.  He posted a link to about the voice talent acquired for Modern Warfare 4.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for Modern Warfare 3.  Modern Warfare 3 left me a little jaded.  I have said this before and will say it again.  It felt like I was playing Modern Warfare 2.5.  We will see how I feel this time next year being at the release of MW 4.