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  • Eliot 12:46 pm on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Do People Hate Java? 

    Java is like a large company. Some people are fans and some are not. Like a large company, as an engineer sooner or later you will have some interaction with it. Good or bad this is my take on why people hate Java with a passion.

    Posted to Quora

    I found this great question on Quora.  Here is the top rated answer from Adam Smith who is the CTO of Xobni.

    Because it’s way way way way way way way way, very way way way way, super way way way way way way toooooooooooooo verbose.

    (I would have ended that last sentence with an exclamation mark, but my language doesn’t allow me to use them.  Hm.  To achieve the same effect, I’ll just repeat: it’s way way way way way way way way, very way way way way, super way way way way way way toooooooooooooo verbose.)

    My First Answer

    I totally agree with Adam that Java is extremely verbose.  My first video digs into this.

    My Follow Up

    In Java everything starts looking like a nail and Java is the hammer.


    Java is a great language.  Many people use Java by choice and some not by choice.  It’s a great language.  There a many uses good and bad of the language.  So I ask you, do you hate it?

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  • Eliot 11:13 am on July 30, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Having Effective Negotiation Skills 

    Yes, that’s right.  It can keep people moving.  Progress is better than nothing.  Don’t pick sides if you can and find middle ground.


    People are always trying to figure this out

    I see question like this on Quora all the time:

    • How can a recently graduated designer most effectively negotiate the details of his first, full-time job offer, specifically in Silicon Valley?
    • What are negotiation best practices when being hired by a startup?

    At the end of the day, effective negotiation can help you in the real world.  Its a skill just like plumbing.  Learn it, its worth it.

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    • rajiv mehra 10:05 am on October 9, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      this is really great and helpful post. negotiation skills tips are most important if you wanted to improve in your management career. one more post i have read about the negotiation skills here is the link.

    • click here For roof renevation 9:28 am on November 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      If you are in engineering you may already know that there exists a lots of recourses that are total rubbish, thankfully your website is just not one of these websites, i enjoy your articles a lot, keep up the great job

    • Event Companies 10:34 am on February 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know what to say, but your article arises some questions which is real. I know negotiation skills is important everywhere and it’s become tools to get success but sometimes these are not enough to get.

  • Eliot 11:57 am on July 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    What technical skills are most useful in a hackathon? 

    I really enjoy answering questions.  Did I ever tell you that?  Today I tackle which skills you should bring to a hackathon.  It really doesn’t matter what you know before the hackathon.  People like yourself are there to learn.  The key is to just show up and participate.  Here is the original question from Quora.

    So What Do I Think Is Useful?


    Its worth giving it a try.  LearnStreet has a great course that will give you a foundation of the language in a very short time.  Their live help feature is killer.

    Web Mapping

    Are we talking about mapping?  Yes, we are talking maps.  Learning to visual geocoded data is a great skill to bring.

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