Wait, I don’t need glasses for 3D displays?

I remember as a kid seeing my first 3D movie.  Well not actually the movie, but I do remember this.  Everything was blue and red and the paper glasses hurt my face.  I must have been allergic to the paper because I felt the need to constantly adjust them.  After about 15 minutes my glasses were broken.  I soldiered on and had a massive headache at the end of the movie because you could only see the movie with the glasses.  Starring at blurry shapes for a couple of hours is probably not good for your eyes, but oh well.

Glasses-free 3D Display

From that point I was through with 3D glasses and any movies associated with 3D.  I know, a bit harsh.  But bad experiences easily scar children.  I started to hear about 3D TVs, but alas… you still needed the infamous 3D glasses.  Then I saw an article about how Fujitsu unveiled this 3D display that didn’t need any glasses at this years CES.  I was initially shocked and awed.  Then I came to the realization that it was only a matter of time that someone would create a glasses-free 3D experiences.  The wheels of progress are always moving.

On another note, there were a few TVs out there with similar features.  Here is a YouTube video to see it in action.  Are you thinking about buying a 3D TV?

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  1. I am thinking about it, because I was definitely psyched with the return of 3D movies, and double-psyched when they were actually a success. Although I think IMAX at Leow’s is some piss-poor excuse for an IMAX screen considering what you get at the MD Science Center.

    So this is supposed to be a glasses free 3D TV, but it looks normal, like not 3D in the YouTube video. hm.

    My only gripe with 3D is that since it’s an illusion you really only have a picture that is the width of the screen no matter where the 3D objects are intended to be. Since objects appear smaller the further away they are in 3D space, this causes some limitations, especially when talking about smaller screens.

    1. Yes, the picture is not doing the display justice. You are spot on about smaller screens. I can’t wait to see one up close. I kinda wished I went to CES this year. I didn’t think too much innovation would be there. I thought I would see a ton of iPhone accessories and wireless microwaves, but this year it seems like a lot of cool gadgets were on display.

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