I saw this question posted on Quora today.  It spoke to me because I’m working on something very cool.  Before I get to that, this was the best response from Quora.

Mark Harrison wrote:

Home automation.

At the price point (and they were released this morning in the UK), I can afford one per room, in a five bed house, for less than the price of a Mac Mini.

Couple with a USB temperature sensor, and a USB relay, (and a bit of software that I will release under GPL) it’ll control my zone heating, with a web interface that provides not only an HTML gateway but an XML gateway to plug into whole-house stuff.

Very cool indeed.  The Pi is definitely up to that task.  Now for my project.

My Raspberry Spy

Its a very simple home surveillance project with a snazzy name.  I connected my Pi to a USB camera, pointed it at a window in my house, and took a picture every minute.  This is a few days of screenshots assembled as a time lapse movie.

[iframe_loader width=”640” height=”360”  frameborder=”0” longdesc=”Raspberry Spy Time Lapse ” name=”youtube-1” scrolling=”no” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/A_mUdeS8K_g”]

Please forgive my early release.  I promise to publish the write up soon.  I will link it from this page.